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Thread: Charging light?

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    Charging light?

    So the alternator light is starting to come on. Its just barely starting to glow.It has an alternator , not a generator. It doesnt vary with the amount of with RPM's but does get a touch brighter with the lights turned on. Any suggestions on what to check first- alternator or battery? I thought I'd get some ideas before I mess with it tomorrow.

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    Check the belt tension first. If it's not tight enough and slipping the Alt. won't charge properly. Battery is easy. Either put another one in and see if the problem goes away or take it to a store that can check it. Some stores will check your alt. also. Those are the most likely culprits but the wiring (in the harness as well as the batt. cables) could also cause the issue. Investment in an inexpensive battery tester is worth it if you wish to do it yourself.
    Jason T.

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