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Thread: System One Roof Rack

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    System One Roof Rack

    I accquired a roof rack made by System One out of NJ. It's an all-aluminum modular rack, this one is made for a van and is almost 12' long but it's in two sections so I've disassembled it and am building two separate 6' racks out of it. Complete, it looked like this:

    Mine also has the legs with winches built into them, which is a cool feature but it makes the rack stick up higher than I like so I'm going to build a set of low-profile legs sans winches for one rack. Since the rack is open front and rear I'll close it across the front with a curved piece of flat aluminum stock slanted back, and across the back with either another piece of flat stock with vent holes in it or just separate upper and lower rails. I've got to narrow the crossbars by about 8" to fit the RRC, and since it only came with 5, I'll use 3 on one rack and two on the other with the addition of a middle bar of yet-to-be determined origin, and with some kind of mesh for the floor.

    It's going pretty well thus far, though I've only spent about an hour on it. Haven't yet decided whether to leave it bare aluminum or paint it semi-gloss black...

    Weight for the rack should be in the neighborhood of 40-50 pounds, I would guess. Capacity for the complete 12' rack is listed at 800lbs, though I sure don't plan on putting that much weight up on my roof!
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    limit on weight is almost never the rack itself but rather the gutters.
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    This looks like an interesting build. Lets see some more progress. Maybe I will let you put the other one on my Rangie!
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