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Thread: What I did for lunch

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    What I did for lunch

    Took a shot at the Gauntlet. Almost made it but rolled a tire off the bead and had to winch out.Killed a tire too.

    I am going to try it again as only full tube buggies have made it thru. I think I would have had it but when I lost the tire it was all over.
    Buckle up I want to try something!
    Jeeps are for delivering mail.

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    Sure that can't be patched?

    That is some crazy articulation. Obviously not concerned with the paint job.

    Thanks for the pics. Nice to see someone having fun.

    All sold a while ago

    1995 RRC LWB - LT230, $G Front Bumper

    1960 109" 5 Door Station Wagon w/Deluxe Rolled Bonnet with Spare Recess. Frame off restoration. PO setup 289 Mustang with D60 rear end with chromolly inners. Recently moved to Sacramento awaiting a place to finish the restoration.

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    must have been hot out there! All I did was have a turkey sandwich and some wheat thins.
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