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Thread: Averaged 23 MPG

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    Averaged 23 MPG

    Trip mileage was 250 miles and averaged 23 MPG on the new LR2. Not bad. Experiencing 17-19 MPG in and around town right now.

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    Exclamation That's awesome!

    A local indie Rover mechanic around here said I shouldn't tell too many people that I was getting +/- 21 mpg on the hwy regularly with my 99 D1.

    You might find it missing!

    Have you made any changes to the motor?

    All I have done is put in Bosch Platinum +4's, a K&N air filter, and I use synthetic oil - changed twice/yr., which means about every 5,000 mi. I have just replaced the plug wires which were about 60k old. The old ones were Lucas, from a dealership. The wires I just put in are 8.0 Magnecors.

    Also, I have almost never used premium gas - regular only.

    Funny thing, but my prior vehicle was a S-10 Blazer, 3800 lbs. with a 4.3 V-6, and it couldn't break 20 mpg no matter what. Now I have a 4400 lbs. vehicle with a 4.0 v-8, and it does better, even when fully loaded with a rooftop box and a bike rack in the receiver. And they say Rovers are gas guzzlers!
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    12-2016 update: Coopers are done. Michelin Defender LTXs on the way!

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    Lies! Blasphemy! Shes a Witch! Burn her! Burn her! A Witch! HAHA jk...thats cool you got that mileage though. Guess it liked the fuel you got!

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    This was in an LR2. I mean. Really, my pinky could probably lift that thing.

    Speaking of gas mileage. I got 17.2 yesterday over 100 miles, in my rig hauler. 3500HD Diesel DRW.

    Oh, there was a slight tailwind. Gusts of 40 mph
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    Yes. It was my brand new 2008 LR2 that I'm really enjoying. It's riding very smoothly also. I had it out on a very thin layer of snow early in the week and it rode nicely during some challenging moves.

    Just breaking her in so it will be interesting to see how the gas mileage does over time.

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