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Thread: Clutch system bled now soft brake pedal?

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    Clutch system bled now soft brake pedal?

    Truck is a 1973 Series III with 77K miles on it. The truck had sat since mid-December prior to our move from North Carolina to Idaho. Once we got here I spun her around the town a little bit and noticed the a clutch problem, later diagnosed as the slave cylinder going out so she was parked until I got around to replacing the slave.

    Bled the clutch at the slave cylinder last night and everything works ops normal except now the brake pedal is soft. When I pump the brake I get no resistance, but if I let off and press again it works just fine. So as I'm driving along I can push the pedal all the way to the floor and nothing happens, and then I let off completely and when I push in again it has resistance like normal.

    Did I miss something when I bled the system? One thing I did notice was when I bled the clutch at the slave the system puked out a lot of blackish fluid and I had assumed it was from the pipes - was this a bad assumption? Everything ran fine prior to this. I do have a small leak on the clutch pedal that I noticed this morning, after the system was bled. Did I stir something up that blew a seal in the MC?

    Other than the double-pump brakes the truck runs great!

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    Be sure to check the soft lines for cracks or sleeve weakness, particularly the rear center one. Gently bend em and make sure they are flexible and not dried out/cracking/crumbling.
    The one on my Series III had degraded from age and would bubble there upon hard braking and then require that disconcerting double-pump.

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    My first thought was air in the system. When I learned to bleed brakes, soft pedal meant keep bleeding...
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    Are you sure it was the slave that was bad, and not the master? Not Dominatrix talk either Mike and Steve!
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