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Thread: Timm Cooper's Series Land Rover Disc Brake Conversion

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    Does the Timm Cooper conversion suit the Stage One v8 front and rear axle set up. I am keen to convert my 1982 V8 Stage One Truck Cab do disk brakes all round but want to know if the system will be suitable for my vehicle. Love to hear from any Stage One owners who have done the conversion.

    Regards Warrick.

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    Hi Warrick,

    We have someone in the UK doing a Stage One conversion right now. He said he is documenting his installation which I'll share once he's done.




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    Thanks Brian. Looking forward to seeing how the conversion goes. I believe some machining of the swivel house casting is necessary to fit the Stage One front axel housing. It would be good if the kit could be supplied by Roam Offroad with this modification machined in-house and ready to bolt straight up to the Stage One axle.

    I am sure that there would be a market for the Timm Cooper conversion as the Stage One is a vehicle that is much loved by their owners and the only Series Land Rover that was factory fitted with a V8 and constant 4WD. The disk brake conversion is a topic that comes up regularly on Land Rover forums and would be a great improvement on braking performance on a Stage One.

    Regards Warrick.

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