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Thread: Summer 2009 Road Trip from New Dehli to London

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    Summer 2009 Road Trip from New Dehli to London

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum, so let me tell you a little about myself. A few friends and I have decided to take the road trip of a lifetime in the Summer of 2009 from New Dehli to London. Rather than simply organize a trip for pleasure, we have decided to take on a more ambitious goal and raise money for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Our goal is to raise 500,000 dollars by this time, and use the money to drop off medical supplies along the way, and give donate the rest to the general fight against HIV/AIDS. We are currently organizing a not-for-profit organization to facilitate our trip, and upon our return, encourage others to do the same.

    I am NOT asking for your money. Rather, I need your help gaining knowledge of the Land Rover Defender 110 - our vehicle of choice. I am sure we will run into some difficulties along the way, and I would like to know as much about the car as possible.

    I live in Chicago, and would like to meet with some people who might be able to help us out. Any ideas on the best way to learn? Any classes available?

    I am interested to hear what you all think. Has anyone taken a similar trip. Please feel free to contact me with any questions/comments/concerns.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Steve that is Awesome!

    Have you seen the new magazine titled "Overland Journal"? It's based in Arizona but it's all about vehicle dependant overlanding, all over the world. Fantastic articles about recent trips, vehicle preparation, and very frank non-commerical product reviews of conmon, but pricey items that most us need or could use, but hesitate to buy because of the cost.

    In their first issue they did a short featurette on a D110 diesel rigged for expedition use.

    Go to this page and scroll down a bit: From there you can download a few PDF pages as a sample.

    It is my absolute favorite magazine these days. Here is a list of items written in their first issue:

    The Africa Issue:
    Publisher's Column (Premier issue only)
    Editor's Column
    Editor's Project: Series III Land Rover 88
    Contributors' Page
    News From The Trade
    Expedition News
    Through the Dark Continent, by Graham Jackson
    Trip Information: Traveling in Africa
    Feature Vehicle: Defender 110 Diesel
    Container Review, Storage Solutions
    Crossing Libya by BMW Dual-Sport, by Chris Scott
    Trip Information: Traveling in Libya
    Feature Dual-Sport: BMW GS650
    Main Equipment Test: Roof Tent Review
    Main Vehicle Feature: FZJ80 Land Cruiser
    Conservation Department: Tracks for Africa
    North American Trip: Death Valley, by Mark Stephens
    Trip Information: Traveling in Death Valley
    Overland Medicine Department: Malaria
    Skills Department: Communications, by Scott Jensen
    Classic Kit: Volcano Kettle vs. Jet Boil
    Tail Lamp: The Really, Really Dark Continent

    These guys are friends of LRRForums and a sponsor I believe!
    LR3 related tips and misc info:
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    I highly recomend you get a copy of Vehicle-dependent Expeditions by Tom Sheppard. It is the definitive guide to trip planning and execution.

    The book is expensive but worth it. It is out of print and runs $170+ on Amazon and eBay, but can be purchased directly from the Royal Geographic Society (in the UK) for 60 pound (about $120).

    If you want a contact to order from at the RGS PM me.

    Also check out

    Cheers and good luck,

    p.s. let us all know if you want some traveling companions - 2009 is just far enough away that some of us might be able to swing it!
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    hello and welcome! sounds like a good trip and for a great cause.

    when i was backpacking in '99 on my own through south africa, zimbabwe, and canoe'n down part of the zambezi river i meet some people that took there series's from london to cape town. i meet a father and son from OZ that had a 109 series and they had a great trip but did have some issues w/ there rover along the way. if i think about now, all the couples that i did meet were at a hostle working on their series.
    planning really well for this trip would be the key part (making a good route and a plan B and C). knowing the inside and out of our rig is ever important.
    also it would be a good idea to take a basic first aid class and make a good stocked 1st aid bag.
    make sure u know which countries u will be traveling through, which ones r hot spots, get the visas u need, be careful about saying your from the states (USA passports go for high money). i remember when i was backpacking in euro, i meet a man that told me that the USA passport go for about $25,000-40,000 on the black market back in '96.
    u should look for a local indy lr shop in your area this link has a good list.

    i found this site awhile ago. traveled from cape town to euro. might be someone u could email.

    sorry to good luck w/ the planning and pm anytime. i live in MN

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    Steve - you need to get in touch with Graham Jackson. He has more knowledge about what you want to do than anyone I have ever met. He is on this board occasionally, but it might be best to contact him over on
    Good luck! And now that you have all gained our envy about such a trip, you OWE us updates on planning and during the trip itself!
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    Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions. This is turning into a great resource for our trip - I will try and get the other team members involved.

    Does anyone have contacts with Land Rover driving courses? We were hoping we might be able to be able to get a sponsor to help us along the way, in return for publicity in helping our cause.

    If you are interested in learning more about the trip: Our website is currently under construction, but I'll post a link as soon as it is available.



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    Sounds like a great trip. I'd be happy to answer questions if you have them I'm pretty familiar with the Defender 110. You can pm me or email graham(at)

    stevemd -- dude, my head just exploded. All the stuff is leaking out. . . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjackson View Post
    stevemd -- dude, my head just exploded. All the stuff is leaking out. . . . . .

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