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Thread: Discovery II CDL Install

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    Post Discovery II CDL Install

    Courtesy of Badfysh (Joe)

    This set of instructions divides the installation of a D1 CDL shift linkage into the Discovery II into the following chapters:

    1. Overview
    2. Materials
    3. Center console and D2 linkage removal
    4. Linkage installation
    5. Console refit

    The purpose of these instructions is to provide a clear understanding of the CDL linkage mechanisms and the installation process.
    Overview: The LT230SE transfer box used on the Series II Discovery is the same as the Series I. This transfer box has the latent potential to lock the front and rear driveshafts together for improved off-pavement traction (Center Differential Lock, referred to as "CDL"). If CDL is engaged when the engine is already running, then Electronic Traction Control is maintained. Otherwise, when CDL is engaged before engine start-up, tell-tale sensors feed back to the ECU, and ETC is deactivated. All that is required is to rotate the Selector Fork on the transfer box about 20 degrees clockwise to engage the lock the center differential. While it is clearly possible to do this from under the vehicle using a 10mm box-end wrench, these instructions show how to install the D1 shift linkage for shifting from the driver’s seat.
    A word on difficulty! These instructions are long because they are thorough. However, the task will not take longer than about six hours. When the center console is removed, the slew of rivets and cabling may be intimidating. These instructions present the process step by step. Even with the center console and shift linkages removed, automatic models can be driven by manipulating the shift cable (albeit cumbersome and noisy). Standard disclaimer: Proceed with this and any modification at your own risk! The CDL modification may void the manufacturer’s warranty, and improper modification may leave a vehicle immobilized.
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