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Thread: Radar detector wiring help?

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    Question Radar detector wiring help?

    Hello all,

    I'm a brand new LR2 (Freelander2) owner and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Since the LR2 is fairly new, there doesn't seem to be much information out there (that I have found yet) about modding. I have a Valentine1 detector and would like to connect it with the direct-wire power adapter through the map light overhead compartment. This is how I had it wired in my BMW. Does anyone know A) how to safely detach that piece to gain access to the wiring, and B) whether there are available switched wires (i.e. powered only when the car is on) to splice into, as well as a grounding screw somewhere in there?

    I'd like to mount the detector as high as possible, so it would be ideal if I could wire it in this way. If anyone has any other suggestions on where to tap into power, please let me know.... thanks!


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    I am Rodley from Mauritius ,I working on an Freelander2,I have a big problem on that engine.The engine crank and fired but stop,I had changed the crankshaft sensor ,cam senor,the fuel filter,put new diesel,on IDS have no fault,renew engine harness,but still the problem.who can help me to solvethat problem?

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