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Thread: Things that make you go WTF?

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    Things that make you go WTF?

    So, I finally got the sticker off that was under the Union Jack, which we took off to see what was under...

    Painted the car, and didn't bother with this....augh....

    Anyway, new sticker to replace it soon I guess...

    Well, thanks to the P/O who painted, we forever know what color the tailgate was....

    THe LR green is pretty tame compared to that metal flakey BRG
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    hey mike,
    do u think the PO got a new tailgate at sometime? the land rover logo w/ classic on it was a 95 rrc logo that LR did for the last yr of the rrc. maybe the po just bought the LR classic logo and put it on?

    its crazy what po's will do to there rovers.............

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