I've got a 1998 D1 rotting away on a ranch in Livermore. Need it gone. Everything I needed from it has been stripped and it's currently registered non-op. It'll probably never run again. BUT!

The ARB air lockers in the front and rear diffs should be just fine. The small ARB air compressor is still under the hood too, but I'm pretty sure that burned out a long time ago... maybe it could be rebuilt. Oh, there's a snorkel on it too... so some good stuff to transfer to your rig if you want it.

If you want to tow away the Disco, it's yours. I have the title and will transfer it over to you as long as you tow that thing off the ranch and take it off my hands. Otherwise, I'll be calling Pick-and-Pull to take it. Thought someone here might want the lockers and other bits though, so decided to post here first.

Shoot me a PM or call/text my cell... (408)499-8974.

This forum seems kinda dead lately, so hopefully someone sees this.