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    Land Rover Livin

    Hello all! My name's Randall, out in the Bay area (California). About a month ago I bought a used 2003 Vienna green Discovery 2 and have fallen in love with it. Have a lot of Jeep buddies and took my new rig out with them to put it through it's paces at a local spot. Needless to say it suprised everyone (including myself!). After taking a couple buddies for a ride, I belevie their exact words were "I totally underestimated this thing". So now begins the fun of upgrades! But before that there is some mechanical things to address. I've been doing a lot of reading and am Looking forward to having the forum as a solid resource.

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    As you have probably noticed by now, the forum is a little "dead" lately, but there are tons of info here, so search away!
    If you want to sync up with many LR owners I recommend you check NCLR out since it is local to you. link
    And yes, LR are pretty amazing machines, but for sure it will keep you busy, if you stay on top of you ride, you will enjoy it for many, many miles of dirt roads and challenging terrains.

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