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Thread: Losing oil pressure prime......

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    Losing oil pressure prime......

    Greetings all........Recent issue with the offspring's '97 D1. About a week back, I start it & the oil psi light didn't go out (normally, on for a second then out), & a slight lifter tick was to be heard. Before anyone asks, "Yes, I shut it off immediately, if not sooner". I pulled the top oil cooler hose, backfilled the pump. Voila, oil psi. Oil full, not ready to do a change, but I did. Castrol 20-50, & a Wix 51515 filter. Since then I have had the problem appear, a couple of times. Each time, I can instantly shut it down, restart & all is fine with the world. Any suggestions, thoughts, comments, et cetera. Could it be an issue with the oil pressure relief spring/plug? Cracked oil pump gears? Other than this issue, the motor runs great. Quiet, no leaks (both, more than I can say for the previous motor), & gets out of it's own way when the throttle goes down. ALSO.....having never attempted it, can the relief spring / plug / cap be removed & replaced in place (installed motor?). Thanks to all!!
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