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Thread: Power steering pump 1990 swb.....interchange ?

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    Power steering pump 1990 swb.....interchange ?

    Hello Gents,

    I am getting mixed interchangeability for the 1990 SWB PS pump. Some references say a 1994-1997 D1 will work, others say, 87-92 only, etc etc.

    What's the consensus ?

    I have a 90' SWB with a bad pump.


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    A DI pump will definitely not work. DIs had serpentine belt, which is an entirely different pump from the one used on V-belt trucks. '87-'94 RRC pumps should all be interchangeable, and '94-'95 NAS Defender V8. Essentially any V-belt V8 pump, at least the later model ones, can't say for sure about early non-NAS trucks.
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    Dan is correct! I just did one on a 94 LWB ... what a PITA... never seen so many interlinked brackets you can't get to.

    Yeah the 95 on serp cars pump looks totally different also... clad in shiny pot metal.
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