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Thread: D1 Mushy Brakes

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    D1 Mushy Brakes

    It's been a long time, but I seem to have caught the bug again. I'm looking at buying another Disco (1996) but I wanted ask a question before I commit.

    This Disco has mushy breaks. Improves slightly through pumping. It makes me think there is air in the system.

    Would a reservoir cap that doesn't seal allow air into the system even when full of fluid? The cap on the reservoir just spins, it never tightens fully.

    The Booster/Accumulator looks brand new. There is a receipt in the car for a new Master Cylinder from 2013, but this looks newer than that.

    Just trying to see how much I might be biting off...

    Well, I wanted to post to tho\is great bunch of folks and see who is still around.
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    Cap only keeps moisture out. Might need a full brake bleed and ABS bleed. Pressure bleeding would be best but I always had success with the one person bleeding. Check vacuum to booster also.
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    Check for a vacuum leak also. This problem can cause mushy brakes.

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