Hello All!

I am a new Disco 2 owner and new to these forums. I've been reading quite a bit on a particular issue with my Disco. I bought it from a good friend of mine. It checks out well with the exception of the door locking mechanism and the interior lights. Here's the run down:

1. Only the drivers door and Rear door unlock and lock with the key fob. The rest of the doors do nothing.

2. I am able to open all other doors from the inside by pulling the handle

3. The lock/unlock button inside also only cycles the driver and rear door.

4. Interior lights do not come on.

I mention the interior lights because I have read on other forums that they are all possible connected. I'll admit that I am very amateur when it comes to electrical and wiring diagrams so please forgive me if it's an ignorant question.

I have checked all of the fuses in the engine compartment and drivers side interior box. Everything seems in working order. Please advise on what to trouble shoot next.


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