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Thread: 2017 Land Rover National Rally Leadville, CO 24-28 July

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    2017 Land Rover National Rally Leadville, CO 24-28 July

    2017 Land Rover National Rally, Leadville, CO 24-28 July, 2017

    Mark your calendars every one, in July 2017 the Solihull Society will be returning to Leadville, CO for the annual Land Rover National Rally. We are still busy working on final details for evening venues and the final trail list, but as those that attending the 2005 and 2009 events can attest, Leadville is made for Land Rovers, both old and new.
    Situated at 10,000’ above sea level, Leadville is the quintessential 1880s mining town. Come see where Horace Tabor made his fortune, walk in the steps of Doc Holliday and the Unsinkable Molly Brown, tour old mines, reconnect with friends, and let’s not forget, run some amazing trails in the Best 4x4xFar.
    Trails in the area include Iron Mike Mine, Mosquito Pass, Holy Cross, Chinaman Gulch, and Wheeler Lake to name just a few.

    Monday 24 July – Afternoon, Registration Check In
    Tuesday 25 July – Trails during the day. Cocktail party and raffle in the evening
    Wednesday 26 July – Trails during the day. Possible overnight camping trail run.
    Thursday 27 July – No organized trail runs. Late afternoon vendor event, cook out and raffle.
    Friday 28 July – Trails during the day. Banquette dinner in the evening and final raffle.

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    Two months until the Rally.
    Please register if you haven't yet. We are fast approaching 1 July when we will need to finalize our counts for caters and t-shirt production.

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