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Thread: Distributor timing marks

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    Distributor timing marks

    I seem to be having an issue with setting the timing on my '95 rrc. When ever I connect my timing light to the number 1 cylinder spark plug wire, my timing light only shows hand drawn timing marks on the pulley and never on the actual timing marks from the factory. The hand drawn timing marks are about two inches away from the factory marks on the BTDC side of them. This makes it way more difficult to time properly with out being able to use the proper timing marks.

    Does this mean that someone installed the distributor into the wrong oil pump gear tooth? Because whenever I rotate the crank to the factory TDC marks the rotor never points at the #1 cylinder. I even rotated it again to make sure that its not 180 degrees off too. Ive checked the rave and the plugs are all in the correct points on the cap as well.

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    I think you are on the right track. The rotor should be pointed at about the 7 O'clock position looking at it from the front and down at the dizzy if it is shooting at #1. I wonder if there is any way the pulley is installed off it's mark? doubt it. Probably has a locating pin or notch. Never tore one down. But I have timed and re-timed my 4.2 MANY times.

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