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Thread: Air Suspension Fault?

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    Air Suspension Fault?

    I have a 2010 range rover sport supercharged. Sometimes i wake up in the morning and the car is leaning down at the front passenger side, or it'll be at normal height. If at normal, and i start driving for about 35-45 minutes, ill get the air suspension fault message. At this time again the car might have slightly leaned over to the front passenger side or at normal height still. Air suspension will still work if i click it to go up or down and the car will level again. Message will not turn off until i turn the car off and start it again. Anyone had this issue before?

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    Try by disconnecting the air line and cut the line past the bump, add a dab of silicone grease and reinsert. Lines usually deteriorate at the end as normal wear, silicone grease will help keep the o-rings fresh and help seat them properly.

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    It could be a sign of bag leaks also. Try to inspect it.

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