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Thread: On to the Mirror!

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    On to the Mirror!

    My inside mirror has lost all of the fluid, and doesn't dim anymore. It seems to have dried up or evaporated. Nothing ever dripped on the dash or console. So, anyone know how to fix this? In the process, the mirror has residue on the inside, making the image very cloudy.

    Or even know how to remove it for repair/replacement? Mine has two map lights on it, and I haven't seen one like it on ebay.

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    I got my replacement thru Atlantic British. Pulls off and snaps on. Not a repairable item unless you have a mirror cut and glued to the existing mirror (of course would not be a dimmable mirror). These mirrors can be found used. I replaced 2 in 14 yrs.
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    Pulled a couple out of junkyard trucks over the years. Might be a good place to start. You can check with Justin at British Recyclers here in the Sacramento Area. He may have what you're looking for.
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