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Thread: Stranded in AK!!!

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    Stranded in AK!!!

    Hi All!

    I'm headed to Homer AK from Montana and I'm almost there and my '99 DII keeps breaking down on me. This truck has been super reliable after doing head gaskets in 2010. Now after my trek up here all hell is breaking loose. Battery was giving me issues. Got it tested. Parts store said battery and alternator are fine. Charged battery overnight at friends house in Anchorage and seemed to fix the starting issue. Start driving to Homer. Pull off on a turn out going up a pass to give myself and the truck a break. When restarted it backfired. Never had this happen before. I turned engine off. Tried to re start and hear metallic noise and motor not trying to turn over. Assumed starter issue. Sure enough. Pull the starter and the cone end that goes into the bell housing has been broken off. Presumably from the backfire?? Call friend in Anchorage and get a new starter brought to me. Put it on. Engine sputters but fires right up. Drive about an hour. Check engine light comes on flashing. Stop to read code and get gas. I get cylinder 3 miss fire P0308. I've had that before and cleaned the spark plug and reset codes and went on my way. Not this time. I tried to start truck to go again and starter engages but flywheel not turning. Sounds locked up. Try again and get nothing. Check battery connection and they are loose. Tighten up and get one try from starter then nothing moving again. Start researching internet and finding things like crankshaft positioning sensor may be bad? I have another one with me but it's been too damn cold out to lay under the truck to change it. Looking for any ideas or direction on this. Mechanic shop an hour away won't be open until tomorrow. I have tools and some spare parts but just don't really know what's going on??
    Any help, much appreciated!!


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    Are you saying that now neither the starter nor the engine turn when you engage the starter?
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