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Thread: 1996 LR Disco I For Sale, project vehicle/or for parts MUST SELL! MOVING!

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    Quote Originally Posted by meeme View Post
    No, I don't think so. I don't blame you, it's a pretty far drive for you to take the risk. I'd hate for you to feel like it wasn't worth your time. I'll just sell it to the scrapper down the road who examined it in person and told me that the rust is mainly on the surface. His interest is in parting it out, and he thinks he will be able to make quite a bit of a profit that way. I guess I didn't make it clear in my post that I had already been given an offer for $1000, I didn't set that price. Thanks for your time.

    Having owned over 20 Discovery Is....if you are getting a real offer of $1000, I would JUMP on it A S A P. $1000-$2000 buys a running, driving rust-free DI in CA.
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    I accepted the offer from the scrapper, and he came to get it the afternoon of the 20th. I called him on Thursday to make sure he got the title transferred, and apparently he's already sold 3 of the doors and the engine, and has managed to make a return on what he paid for it. I'm glad he's making money off of it, but I think I'd rather not know all of the details. Lol.
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