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Thread: Atlantic British Website Mistake on Fuel Pumps

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    Atlantic British Website Mistake on Fuel Pumps

    I just thought I'd mention a glaring error in the Atlantic British website regarding DII fuel pumps. As we know, there are just two fuel pumps available for the DII and the one you need depends on whether you have secondary air or not. In an effort to make identifying your particular fuel pump Atlantic British has a neat video where Jim, the tech guy clearly points out the two different versions. He NEVER specifically says which pump goes with the secondary air equipped vehicle. Instead he recommends you call and speak to a representative.

    I sold a customer a fuel pump a couple of weeks ago. It was taken from the '03 DII that I just finished parting out. The truck had secondary air. The customer said his '01 had secondary air and so I sent him WFX101060. The fuel pump that came out of the '03 with secondary air. I've sold several dozen of these fuel pumps taken from vehicles equipped with secondary air so I feel pretty certain about which pump goes with which truck. The customer wanted to make sure he was getting the right pump so I mentioned he should take a look at the Atlantic British website where they had good pictures and a video (I hadn't watched the video or looked at the website before making the recommendation).

    Boy, was recommending the AB website a mistake. Not only did they have the two pumps, WFX101060 and WFX101070 misidentified but, when I called to speak to a rep, it was clear he had NO IDEA which pump belonged to which truck. A second call, in an attempt to speak to Eric Risdon (my usual go to person at AB) failed and I was handed over to Dave. After going over the error with Dave I was informed that it would be a couple of weeks before any corrections could be made. He said it was clear there was an error and some confusion but that the person handling the website was away and nothing would be done until his return.

    Meanwhile, I went to the Rovers North website where, lo and behold, if you type in WFX101060 YOU GET THE CORRECT INFORMATION. It's really a shame when people rely on a fixture in the Rover community like AB and they can't even be bothered to stay informed about the products they sell.

    So, a word to the wise. Be very careful when you're on any website, even one you thought you could trust, when gathering information or buying parts for your truck.
    Paul Grant

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    I use Rovers North more as they use the vin more than others. AB is good, but you have to know what you want. RN is more expensive, but they handle a full line of ProLine parts as alternative.
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