I run as small Land Rover company called Globallandrovers. I have been trading on and off since 1987 under this name. At first the company was formed to help me make money to pay for my obsession. But since 2001 I have been doing this full time. There have been hiccups along the way, and the recession caused me problems along with all the cheaper British and other countries *censored**censored**censored**censored**censored* *censored**censored* who sprang up in 2006/7 to cash in. These people offer offered a bling product, ie something that looks nice but is a mechanical bad underneath.

What I always endeavor to provide is a comprehensive service, on our vehicles we will not hide anything.

We sell 'Crate' re-built (turn key) 300tdi and TD5 engines, take-out diesel re-power kits, and all general parts and accessories. I have an agent in North Carolina and associates in Ohio, Colorado and Kentucky.

If a vehicle is listed as a project it will be just that, it will need a new chassis, possibly a new bulkhead. but it will be solid enough as a basis for what ever dream car you wish to build.

Our daily driver vehicles are driven by my business partners Andrea, Colin and Myself daily until they are sold.

My daily driver category. I.E. a vehicle that can be used daily and improved over time.

Then next category we do is reconditioned vehicles, so the same as a daily driver, but with a factory colour respray, re-trimmed interior, re-conditioned headlining, doors replaced where necessary.

The final category we offer is Re-built, which basically is a total rebuild from a Galvanized chassis and Bulkhead up. These vehicles are built by our agent Overland Down East, in North Carolina.

At present we have 3 x 110's at the yard and I have 1 x 90 all are RHD. We also have a 1994 NAS90 available in North Carolina
We have some LHD Defenders for Canada. We also have a 1989 Mini 30 available.

We offer the projects and the Daily drivers because some people like to get their vehicles restored to order in the USA, Should you wish us to ship a vehicle and the parts to our restoration shop in North Carolina then that's fine.