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Thread: Front Diff Question

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    Front Diff Question

    I've had my p38 for about a year and a half, and on the second time I've changed the front diff fluid I found some shards still on the magnetic drain plug. The first time I changed the fluid, it was about twice as much, but the fluid was in awful shape (I'm thinking it had never been changed). Is this normal wear, or should I be looking for something else (wheel bearings, or seal leaks etc.). I haven't had any other issues with the axle and the vehicle has been driving fine otherwise.

    Should I be concerned? (it's a 2000, apx 131K).

    Kevin G
    Greater Detroit MI area
    '90 RRC
    2000 P38

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    I would clean the magnet, change fluid, flush and refill and drive. 131K is getting on for the gears. Drive, and keep in mind eventual replacement or rebuild at hand. All my used bought Rovers were like this.
    Larry K, ASE
    Millstadt ,IL
    2011 LR4 HSE LUX
    Prev. owns: 87 RR Classic, 96 D1 4.0, 96 P38 4.6

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