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Thread: EAS Fault Code: C1A07 Cross articulation

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    Sorry to revive a bit of an old thread, but one of my customers directed me here.

    Brian, Sorry you are still having trouble or were at least during this forum posting. Looking back at our email exchange, we exchanged 7 different emails in regards to your vehicle C1A07 "Cross articulation" problem. According to our emails, I suggested that you investigate the cross link valves and their possible leaking. These valves are famous for leaking internally. I even have a couple of very detailed videos on my website on how to work with the cross link valves.

    Sorry I could not help you through the entire repair process. You purchased software from me at RSW Solutions. The software by all reasonable measures was working and diagnosing your vehicle faults. I went far beyond our original transaction and tried my best to help you interpret those faults and point you in the right direction for a repair pathway.

    I have since verified that the cross articulation fault can sometimes be due to a badly leaking cross link valve or corroded cross link valve. The valve needs to be either replaced or serviced. However the cross link valves should only be investigated if you have verified that there are no leaking air struts and the height sensors are not dislodged in some way and the height sensor arms are not binding or damaged. Double check all sensor for any type of misalignment or damage. Verify that sensor arms are not binding.
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