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Thread: Attaching new steel body panels to aluminum

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    Attaching new steel body panels to aluminum

    I originally posted this in a different board before finding what seems to be the proper one.

    I'm working on a project on my 97 Disco to make it into a trayback ute like the Land Cruiser series 80 shown below. You can see more of their work at . I have a model built in 3DS Max and am about to buy a couple of plastic model kits to play with to make sure my basic designs are good, but I haven't figured out how to close the back in without it looking like a redneck hack job...not that there's anything wrong with redneck hack jobs mind you and they have their place but this isn't one of them.

    The biggest design question I have yet to answer is whether or not to leave the step in the roof of the disco. I could possibly find a big enough rear wall to fill the cap (maybe weld in more at the bottom) and my girlfriend thinks this would look best, or I could use a part of a roof from another Disco and reverse it to bring the roofline back down to where the front of it starts.a

    So far what I've come up with is to use a steel rear wall panel from the back of a standard pickup truck. I can weld it at the top and perhaps bottom too (is the floor aluminum or steel? I haven't looked yet), but am not sure about how to attach to the aluminum at the sides. Fill from the inside with foam and fiberglass to shape? L-brackets and rivets with fiberglass / bondo to finish it out? If it was steel I could simply weld it (tack-welding small pieces at a time to avoid warpage) and grind off the welds, but obviously that's not an option here.


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    The Discovery floor is all mild Steel. The Body Shell/ Roof of the Discovery 1 is all mild steel the Aluminum is only on the body panels.
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    Interesting...I couldn't get a magnet to stick to the roof pillars. Maybe I should try something beside the cheap magnet from the fridge that might not have been strong enough to stick through the paint

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    Nope...there's nothing ferrous below the raingutter it seems

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