Hi All,

This was a rig that I bought on eBay around 2001. It's a 1993 LWB in Roman Bronze. Bought it from a dude in Virginia and had it trucked out to Fresno. I picked it up there and drove it to my place in Templeton (about 15 miles from Morro Bay, near the coast).

Anyway, I've been pretty much all through her, and lately, have been roped in to strutting her around Sonoma County for an Eddie Bauer catalog photo-shoot. So I decided on giving her a name, and Chelsea it is.

Found a GDE bumper many years ago, with the stock winch, from a breaker in Oklahoma and had him put it on a pallet for the ride West. When it got here, there was NO winch electrics, so I had to start from scratch. Roof basket is bolted on a set of Thule bars. See my other build threads on my custom rear tent, fuel cell, door limit straps, etc.

She's running on coils, with an RTE 2" lift. Still running the stock TC, but I have an LT-230 from a 1995 Discovery in my garage as a back-up. Yokohama 265/75-R16's all around, but planning on a set of 235/85-R16's soon.

Swapped in Discovery axles couple of years ago to replace the 11-splines that were stock. That's where I got the LT-230 donor.

165,000 miles, runs totally perfect. The key is "Napa" brand "Truck Wire" for your distributor wires. I also have a cold-air injection intake.

Northern California Land Rover Club member.

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