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Thread: Lamp Delay Relay Draining Battery?

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    Yeah, I never seem to get more than a gentle hint of a breeze out of the far left vent.
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    I didn't ever really act on my original problem b/c the issue went away... For TWO years.

    Today, I go out to the garage and I see the dome light on, after sitting for a whole day. Just drove it 330 miles over the weekend and off-roaded a bit. So the dome light goes OFF when I OPEN the door. Check all the door switches, pull the under steering wheel cover, etc. Take out the "courtesy light relay" and the light stays on. So... I am in the market for a new one or the Bosch short-cut go-around: SPST 4-pin -- about 8 bucks. No delay, but should do the trick.

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