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Thread: New from Pinole California

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    New from Pinole California

    I am a exSouth Dakotan living in California for over twenty years. I luv to drive my Discovery II and have blown head gasket at 120K. I really don't like to lose my babe. In my younger years I have completely refurbished and full take apart and over hauled my college days Volvo 122S. After my Swiss pedigree overhaul, thats my heritige, my biggest problem was I could never tell if it was running. The engine was so balanced I would constantly think it was stopped and grind the starter gears only to find the (silent) engine was running. (I swear that was the only problem) It was still running 150K later when I finally passed it on.

    I don't thing I have time to do the blown gasket job myself and I understand the Discovery II engine has imperfections that should entail cylinder redo with sleeves. Can anyone provide recommendations of mechanic in Bay Area of California or otherwise. Happy New Year!

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    Cerrrone's in Redwood City and further north in Burlingame there is Four Car Garage. I bought my D2 from a garage that sold cars on the side and after a week of driving the head gasket went out. I took it back and they replaced both head gaskets for me!
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