For Sale: Used Winchline/Viking Offroad 3/8" X 100' Synthetic winch line and thimble.

No reason for selling other than rebuilding my truck and decided to change colors. The rope is 3/8" X 100', silver/grey with a black 1/2*** rock guard and silver thimble, as seen in the picture. It's been used about 10 times so its got plenty of life left in it. It does have a few spot of wear, as normal, but nothing even close to warrant replacement. It's probably got 80% of its life left. The rock also got snagged about ~1/4 of the way up and started to fray so I just cut it off - ~3/4 of it are left.

Sells new for $379....

I won't come down on price but I am open to trades. I recently got a flat trailer and can use it there if nobody buys it.

$250 plus shipping - medium priority with insurance is about $15