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Thread: Hi From the UK

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    Hi From the UK

    Hey all My name is Stu(pronounced Stew over here)from the UK I came across your forum while researching Bowler Tomcats as im in the process of collecting parts to build my own RRC/Defender/Tomcat Hybrid, I have been a Car Mechanic for 30 odd yrs,ive had 7 Discovery ones(im on my 8th now)and a couple of RRCs,my last Disco was a Strange Rover(Discovery 1 back end and RRC front end) I built myself,i am a founder member of The Lowrangers 4x4 club here in the UK,i enjoy offroading and green laning with a bit of drag racing spectating now and then. Cheers Stu

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    Greetings Stu.................Ta for the link to lowrangers, specifically the comedy corner. My altered sense of humour was brought about by several years of woking for a couple of Brits (& the name of the business, too).

    "I am never more serious than when I am joking."

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