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Thread: This has to hurt at least a little!

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    This has to hurt at least a little!

    Disco I SD '99 Stock 144k mi. New stock suspension, new steering box, new rear shaft joints, Cooper Discovery ATR's and announcing a totally redone set of heads. May 2013: Brakes converted to Defender style: Calipers, stainless flex lines, drilled, slotted and vented rotors. Stops like it hit a wall when you stand on them now!
    12-2016 update: Coopers are done. Michelin Defender LTXs on the way!

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    Daddy has probably already bought her another! next time don't drink & party till 5am!

    Goes to show how well built they are though!
    95 4.6 Range Rover LWB 25th anniversary (Rovage)50230 cam/RPI ECU
    04 Range Rover
    87 white RRC
    93 Range Rover LWB Crawler 4.6

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