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Thread: Cooper Discoverer A/T3 - LT275/65R18

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    Cooper Discoverer A/T3 - LT275/65R18


    I'm looking for some feed back (after the fact). I have been on a quest to resolve the tire eating monster we know as the LR3. In preparation for the expense of new LT tires and wanting to get a good read on them, I rebuilt the front end with new hubs, lower control arms, inner and outer tie rod ends and sway bar links. I also added Johnson Rods and Terra 30mm spacers. (The vehicle had 80k miles so it was ready for them anyway). I have been having difficulties getting a proper 4 wheel alignment but I am hoping the mechanic studied a little more and will be able to get it right this time (3rd attempt). So now that I have set the stage for my question, it is very simple. Is there anyone out there that is running this configuration with Cooper Discoverer A/T3 - LT275/65R18's? I was so close to purchasing the Michelin LTX A/T 2 but I have heard that the side walls on them do not weather well and I should expect cracking so I purchased 4 Coopers today for a nice price of $768 for all 4 tires (shipping included).

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Update: Discount Tire Direct contacted me to discuss my order. They felt that my original purchase of a 10 ply tire was a little over kill for what I was trying to achieve and recommend that I change to the same tire in a 4 ply configuration. Identical tire just a different side wall structure. He felt that I would get the added load capacity and maintain my street ride. I agreed to change the order, we will see if I am pleased with my newest choice. In addition to the better ride, it lowered the price to $192 per tire.

    Tire Sizes and Specifications
    Discoverer A/T3™
    Tire Size Service Description UTQG Load Range Sidewall Approved Rim Width Measured Rim Width Section Width Overall Diameter Tread Width Max Load Tread Depth
    LT275/65R18 116 T B C OWL 7.5 - 9.5 8 11.11 32.1 8.9 2756 16
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