I just bought my dream vehicle, a '97 Land Rover Discovery SD V8i. I got it for a steal, $700 due to cosmetic damage caused by a collapsed carport. I saw the potential and snagged it immediately. It runs and drives fine, but it needs a new front assembly, headlights, grill, hood, etc. I more than anything want to make my rig off road ready, and I don't intend to skimp on any of the equipment I plan to put in/on it. I know what I want, I'm just not so sure where to start. I've decided over the next decade of my life I'm going to pour my heart and soul into Thatch (the name of my rig) and taking her everywhere from Cape Town to Kathmandu, Tijuana to Nome. I came here seeking advice from the pros and real Rover junkies about equipment such as suspension, roof racks, skid plates, snorkel, the whole shebang. I want to do it right. As to my knowledge of parts and how to, it's almost non existent. Any advice on how to and whatnot would be greatly appreciated.