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Thread: Air suspension/leveling problem

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    Air suspension/leveling problem

    My 2003 Range Rover air suspension is frozen in the center position. SYMPTOMS: 1) front driver's side sunk to low position, as though air bag had blown. 2) soon after, both front bags went to low position for three hours 3) then, a few short trips later the front end returned to the center position and maintained, until, 4) I parked, turned it off, got out, and heard a hissing sound behind the front driver's side wheel, as the front gradually sunk to the low position. 5) an hour later, I started the car, the front end raised to the middle position, the leveling system height indicator lights were off, and it has remained that way since. 6) I have heard a knocking sound behind the front driver's side wheel when hitting minor bumps in the road, i.e. two or three quick knocks per bump. GENERAL INFO: The car has 302,000 miles, all of which I have driven. The driver's side air suspension bag was replaced at approx. 150,000. An error message has appeared on the dash reading: Air-Suspension..... (can't make out the rest). It was 100* yesterday, which was the day of the issue. QUESTION: Might an air hose, front solenoid, or other assembly be loose behind the driver's side front wheel? Thanks for any ideas.
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