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Thread: Should I remove my horn?

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    Ok mike. To make you and the California air resources board happy I did a bit more work and didn't have to modify my intake system at all. I got out the pea grinder and sawzall and removed what I can only guess is the RHD battery tray where's the bottle jack sits. As it turns out the compressor fit great but i need to find a new home for the jack. Not that big of a deal. Thanks fish and gormless for your input.
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    The battery tray area on the left hand side is also used for the jack and wheel chock on right hand drive models. I had a 2nd battery in there for a while, but that whole side of the engine bay gets heated up by the turbo in the Tdi.

    To get the battery in there i had to pull out the air horn and really never felt any difference. If you're worried about inlet temperature, a snorkel is probably the way to go.

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