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Thread: Defender Mirrors on Range Rover Classic

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    Defender Mirrors on Range Rover Classic

    Hey guys,

    I have a build thread going on but I thought I'd share what I came up with. I have a RRC and my drivers side mirror glass is cracked and the power on my passenger side does not work. I decided to google and look on some forums to see what Defender mirrors would look like on a Range and i was pretty surprised i couldn't find anything, not even on a Disco. So i called up my buddy at Safari HP and ordered up some Defender mirrors.

    Here is the Defender mirror and the RRC mirror.

    I fabed up some base plates with studs welded in and powder coated black.

    Interior view. The oem plastic cover still fits.



    I hope it helps anyone looking for some different mirrors. The view is much better and i think it really fits my build and the Range.

    Link to my build.

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    That is a pretty great mod. You should put together a couple more, as they are essentially blanking plates, and see if people would buy just to have options to run mirrors other than stock. They would work on D1's too. I might be interested in a set....
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    Man those would be great when I am pulling my trailer!

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