purchased the grom audio unit for my stock alpine system in my dII. removed the stock radio (PITA i tell you), removed the blue plug (upper right corner as you look at the back of the radio-you have to remove all three of the plugs to get the blue one off) that connects the underseat cd changer and replaced it with the grom units blue plug. ran the wires down the dashboard until it ended up by the drivers side footwell. double sided taped the unit the dashboard support that is under the knee panel, ran the wires so that they came out above the center console, had to slowly thread them so that they came out right over the directions for the cdl. and mounted the ipod holder into one of the cupholders since i don't carry coffee mugs with me while i drive, enough distractions with crappy drivers. it plays through the stock speakers and amp, the steering wheel controls work with the unit. sound is excellent. will post pics when i download them off of my phone.