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    Hi folks, I'm a newby to LRRF 'cause I've just purchased my very first 96 4.0ltr V8 P38 and she's a beauty. There aren't any of the 'normal' faults that I've read about on here. She's had the airbags replaced with shocks and coils and everything electrical works. However, as I'm a dumb Brit I'd like to know if the transmission is in 4 wheel drive mode all the time or can I knock it into two wheel drive mode once the snow has left the country? Regards, clueseau.

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    The P38 is just like all it's cousins. They are full time 4wheel drive. You have two options, 4 Hi and 4 Lo. 4 Hi is 4 wheel drive-all wheel drive. 4Lo is 4 wheel drive in low gears. If you are trying to save gas and drive in 2 wheel drive you need to buy something else. Hope that helped.

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