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Thread: Castor Correction debate - please chime in

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    The RTE castor corrected swivel balls aren't/weren't mass produced. You get your suspension where you want it, go to an alignment shop, get your castor angle and then RTE drills them to order to correct how far your castor is out.
    I was in touch with the guys at Bowler to see about buying swivel ball blanks, so there were no elongated holes in them after drilling, but there didn't seem enough interest on this end.
    Obviously this wouldn't apply in any way to DII's since they don't have swivel housings.

    On the pinion angle, yes, if the pinion and transfer case output center line are parallel then single cardan on both ends are what you want. If the propshaft angle is too great is when you'd want a double double-cardan.
    For a single double cardan the pinion needs to point at the transfer output with the DC at the transfer case.
    Obviously when your diff is pointing at the transfer case output due to suspension lift you have to take in to account oil starvation at the pinion outer bearing, depending on the angle of the diff.
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    So I was not crazy about the corrected swivel balls. whew.''
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    I have the rte corrected balls that came with the 5" kit. They didn't even bother to plug weld the old holes and some of them are obviously mighty close to the new ones. Looks kinda spooky but I have definitely trail tested them and they have held to this point. Just my $0.02
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