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Thread: A Rover Christmas Wish For Your Rovers and Their Owners

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    A Rover Christmas Wish For Your Rovers and Their Owners

    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land.
    not a rover was leaking, not a series oil pan.
    The rovers were snug and all warm in their beds, with visions of slickrock and mud in their heads.
    Mom in her nighty, me in a Solihull cap,
    had just sat on the couch for a camel trophy recap. When out in the shop there rose such a rattle I swore my D-90 had just lost a big battle.
    I rose from the couch in a rather quick fashion
    Then rushed to the scene to see just what had happened. I threw open the door, and turned on the light, To my great surprise, everything was all right.
    Then out on the drive I heard a man grumbling, Something 'bout sir Lucas and his great mental fumbling. As I peered out my window and much a surprise, I saw jolly Saint Nick and an old 109.
    The fenders were all tattered, the bumper all twisted, The tires they where smoking and to one side it listed, the bonnet propped open, and his tools all askew, then Jolly Saint Nick quickly moved out of view.
    Then the lights came on dimly, with the left ones on first, Then jolly Saint Nick let out a foul curse.
    "Damn grounds", he was muttering as he came into sight, a few whacks with a jack and by gosh there was light.
    He gathered his tools and slammed down the bonnet, jumped into his rover and really got on it.
    The diesel was clanking, the smoke was a sight,
    as the old 109 disappeared from my sight.
    I watched the lights blink, Heard a cuss in the night
    "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night,
    Sir Lucas you bonehead, can't you do anything right…..

    Retired service manager, member of Solihull Society, SCLR, past member of the NCLR and the Santa Barbara 4Wheelers clubs.
    99 D2, 3" lift, CDL with Detroit,T.T. lockers, 4:11's,H.D. axles, custom ft/rear bumpers with sliders, a 9500 HSI Warn winch and 5 HID's.

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    LOL. Merry Christmas, Mike and all the other non-lurkers that have made Land Rovers so fun.

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    Just heading out to my company Christmas Party!

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all.

    95 4.6 Range Rover LWB 25th anniversary (Rovage)50230 cam/RPI ECU
    04 Range Rover
    87 white RRC
    93 Range Rover LWB Crawler 4.6

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    Merry Xmas and a Happy New year to everyone... from the other side of the pond

    <DCProven >
    <1977 Land Rover Santana, Series III, 2.25 Diesel>
    <1995 RRC, LWB, 4.2 V8>

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    Merry Christmas everyone from my home and may your particular seasonal celebrations be wonderful!
    It's about people and the Land Rovers that own them.
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    Right back at you

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    Season's Greetings to all. To David, on the otro side of the pond, "David ...... Feliz Navidad y los mejores deseos para el año nuevo a su familia y los miembros del Club Land Rover Todo Terreno!"

    "I am never more serious than when I am joking."

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    Merry Christmas all! May Rover Claus bring you goodies, and Krampus step not a foot on your doorstep!
    1993 LWB: 2wd at the moment, GDE bumper, Camel Trophy pizza cutters, stupid bright big lights, working air suspension, DynoMax exhaust, better music
    in the box to be installed - working a/c, lots of bushings, Ford Motorsports injectors, a new VC

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    Merry Christmas!

    I get to spend Christmas in the garage with my Disco so that I can pass inspection.
    1995 Disco I 5 Spd (Now, was auto) 99,500Km
    2002 Volvo V70, 190,000Km (Mine/Soon Hers)
    2002 BMW R1150RT, 122,000Km (Mine)

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    Although late, I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and wish you all a Happy New Year from Portugal.

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