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Thread: Gauging Interest: NCLR Shaver Lake 2013 Snow Run

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    Trip Report

    The 2013 Shaver Snow Run was great! I was monitoring the marina webcam for a while, and it was looking pretty dry leading up to the trip. Luckily enough, the first system in months came through the night before the trip.

    On Friday morning I met Griff and Pedram in Gilroy. Once the tanks were topped off we made our way to Madera, to meet Colin and Paul. The designated gas station in Madera is now closed, so we fueled up across the street at the 76 station. After leaving the gas station we ran into some pockets of rain and hail, a good sign that it would be snowing at Camp Edison.

    The roads heading into Shaver Lake were slick with ice. There is a very large propane tank as you approach a downhill left turn. I braked too much and started to slide into the other lane just as a large pickup was approaching. I slowly stopped against a snow bank hoping I wasn't going to get T- boned. Lucky for me the pickup was able to stop in time and I reversed out, and continued on to camp. As we pulled into Camp Edison there was about 6" of snow on the ground.

    Lutz, as usual, was the first to arrive We setup out tents and shortly thereafter the SCLR guys showed up; Keanan, Jeff, and Garrett. While there was still light we decided to head out to the trail and check on the conditions. The trail had just enough snow to make it fun to drive on and not worry about getting stuck. We stopped before the small bridge to turn around, got a little stuck and made it back onto Dinkey Creek Rd. As we were driving on one of the bigger downhill sections Colin says over the radio, "We've had an accident."

    I'm thinking someone got rear ended because of the icy roads. As I come around the curve I see Griff's D110 on it's passenger side, facing me, in the embankment. I'm relieved to see Griff out of the truck and saying he was ok. We get trucks up and down the hill, e-lights flashing to warn any oncoming traffic. Colin tried to position his truck to recover the 110 and wound up slipping towards it. Eventually the RRC was resting against the roof of the 110. With my winch, I had to pull the Classic off the roof (from the rear bumper) while Lutz pulled the Classic forward. During the recovery of the RRC the passenger side CV exploded. Colin worked on that while the group focused on Griff's truck.

    Some holes were dug under the tires to make getting them on the ground easier. After some looking around we decided to wrap a recovery strap around the external roll cage. It just barely fit between the tube and body. The ends of the strap were attached to my winch. That way I could slowly let out some line to control the speed of the 110 getting back on its feet. Meanwhile, Lutz ran his cable to a tree with a snatch block, and connected the hook to a strap. The strap was wrapped around a couple of the body mounts to spread out some of the load.

    Once on the tires, the engine was looked at, and the spark plugs were removed (from the side on the ground). Griff ran the engine so the excess oil was pushed out, the plugs were re-installed and the engine fired right up. Just as expected. Hereís Griffís damage report

    ďDamage to truck: small right rear quarter dent; both front doors pushed in slightly - still open/close, tough getting the driver window up and down; slight kiss to right front fender; bent mounts for front aux lights; roof around sunroof pushed in a bit; side view mirrors with a little more movement than normal; driver side rear tire flat due to coming off the wheel a little and crap getting stuffed in there; and, worst, blown out driver side alpine window. Truck drives straight and totally fine.Ē

    With more than enough excitement for the night we headed back to camp. In total, the entire recovery effort took 3 hours. Chuck arrived at camp during our adventure and we filled him in with the details. The next morning Graeme and Mark had made their way to camp.

    Saturday morning started bright and early. Griff decided to head home and we left Camp Edison a little after 9am. The roads were already better than the day before but you still had to keep a safe distance between vehicles. The group aired down at Rock Creek Rd., had a short driver meeting, and made our way onto the trail.

    This was the first year chains would have actually helped. The snow wasnít that deep and there was hard pack under the fresh snow. It only took 20 minutes to arrive at the Bald Mountain trailhead. There were fresh tracks, but we didnít see any trucks. We came to a section that has a tight right turn and a steady uphill section. After several attempts to make the climb I stopped trying. Chuck attempted it and finally made once Pedram chopped the ice with the shovel. *Reminder for next year, be sure Iím not the only one to bring a long handle shovel.

    Pedram was the second person to make the hill climb. We ate lunch as different people attempted the hill climb. The trail got a little smoother as more people drove it. Graeme had a busted PS hose after his climb. A deep socket extension and a couple of hose clamp had him back in running order. Once the repair was made it was about time to turn around and head back to town.

    Graeme, Paul and myself started to make our way back to the trail head. As the group made its way down the hill we kept in communication making sure we didnít leave any out there alone. By 4pm we were airing up our tires on Dinkey Creek Rd. and Graeme drove to Napa for a replacement hose. Pedram went to investigate the trail across the street, only to run into a stuck Toyota shortly thereafter. He pulled him out without any issues and joined us again. Once we were aired up it was time for pizza dinner at Shaver Lake Pizza. Itís nice to have a warm place to eat after being on the snowy trail all day.

    Sunday morning everyone broke camp and packed up their gear. The SCLR guys left first. They seemed to enjoy themselves on this run, and hopefully they can make it next year. Once again this trip was full of surprises, fun and snow. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great time. Happy trails!

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    Yes there is a group going up this weekend. Check out the nclrclub forum for more details.
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    Yes, and there is rain in the forecast later this week!
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