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Thread: Best Snorkel head / top ?

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    Best Snorkel head / top ?

    I need to replace the broken grille on the snorkel head. Its about $20, metal or plastic. BUT, for not much more I can get one of those pre-cleaner mushroom style or a whole new head.

    Does anyone have any comments on functionality of the various snorkel toppers? What do you have? How did it compare to regular top that comes with ARB Safari Snorkel?

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    Personally, I like the look of the Safari toppers much better than anything else. Though, I have heard of someone actually using air cleaners that come equipped on heavy duty equipment and fitting it to their snorkel, apparently those have multiple filters. What I really wanted to do before installing my Safari was actually have a Southdown or Mantec and retrofit the Safari topper; but the Safari was a deal I couldn't pass up.
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