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Thread: 1995 Discovery 1 Heads /w ARP studs

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    1995 Discovery 1 Heads /w ARP studs

    Hey guys. I figured it's time to get into it. I'm going to start working on my D1 soon.

    I'm doing a head gasket replacement with ARP studs. I should wait till I start but I can't wait. I wanted to document everything step by step and do it with pictures so everyone can see. I wanted to read someone's past experience for the lack of mine and I can't find anything out there.

    I only see people write that they did start the work and nothing else. I wanted pictures and a full report. So I figured I would do one myself. Here it is starting today!

    This is my baby. Day one.

    Things I need to start the work. I ordered a set of machined heads from John Gadd that look like this.

    I ordered a set of ARP studs for it as well. I think this will stop the replacement in the future. We will see.

    This is the gasket set with the ARP studs.

    Also added to the list was this

    Soon I will take some pictures of it when I start the motor up and test out things before really tearing into it. I want to do a video of the car running now and then I will do one after the work is done.
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