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Thread: Lucky8 Oz tent Sale

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    Lucky8 Oz tent Sale

    ired of borrowing your moms tent to before hitting the trail? Your friends laughing at you from the fire while you try and get those fiberglass poles together? Is sleeping in your truck too hot in the summer? Can't seem to figure out a good solution? Well if you answered yes, then the OZ Tent is what your looking for. The OZ TENT is the 30 second tent. From the time you roll it out of the bag, it'll take you about 30 seconds to set up. Perfect when its raining out, you can be in a dry place quickly. You won't be taunted from the fire any longer, because you'll be the first one there.

    The OZ Tent is available in 5 different sizes that will fit your needs. OZ Tents features include high quality waterproof ripstop poly cotton canvas, power cord inlet, heavy duty PVC heat sealed floor and a revolutionary aluminum sliding quick set tent frame design. The OZ Tent awning tents design provides additional overhead coverage and accessories for maximum weather protection and living space. You can add side panels to the awning to create additional living space. Have a buddy with an OZ Tent? Get the awning connector. It allows you to zip two Oztents together - awning to awning. This is beneficial when touring with a family because it allows you to have two separate rooms (one for the kids) with a large undercover area in between. The connector has an innovative gutter system to collect the water and it funnels it down its own down pipe.

    Lucky8 is offering these tents AND for a limited time you will recieve $100 off your tent purchase. Lucky8 doesn't just sell these tents, We use them. They have been tested by us for over 2 years and we feel they are the best option. All OZTENTS are guaranteed waterproof and are covered by a full 2 year warranty.

    Here's a quick breakdown on the sale pricing
    RV1 $649
    RV2 $699
    RV3 $799
    RV4 $899
    RV5 $999

    We are also offering $50 off screen rooms

    More info here
    For expedition tested Rover gear Check out 716-898-8153

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    Wow. A 30 second set up for one person should do the trick!

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