Hi all...I am new to this forum so I am sorry if I do not post correctly. I recently bought a 2002 Freelander and it still has a couple of issues, it was a cheap buy and I needed a car asap. I am looking for some advice on how to fix some problems it is having and maybe point me in the right direction if someone has had these issues as well. First, I have the service engine soon light on and I was told it was either a vacuum hose or the O2 sensors. I am thinking it's a vacuum hose because my dash vents do not have air coming out when I switch the airflow to come out of them. Also, my back door will not open and I am thinking its because the motor for the back window is dead because the window does not crack like it is supposed to. Also I cannot get the power locks to work, I have switched the fuse and still nothing. I tried changing the fuse with the back window/back window wiper issue too and still nothing. Any thoughts on any of my issues? It would be awesome if someone has had any of these issues and can help me fix them! Thanks for letting me ask my questions!