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Thread: Lucky8 Fridge sale

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    Lucky8 Fridge sale

    This summer has been exceptionally hot and that makes it even more difficult for you to keep your trail food cold. Lets face it a cooler with ice just canít cut it on the hot days and this set up is even worse for long trips. It is so disappointing to arrive at your campsite after a hard day on the trail only to find all of your food has been ruined. The bag of ice had hole in it and the water escaped. This turned your bread into a sponge and gave your lunch meat a place to swim.
    But maybe you like your food like this

    Now for the good news, Ironman 4 x 4 has a brand-new lineup of fridges.

    Lucky8 had the privilege of testing one of these at the wilds event a few weeks back. The Ironman fridge did exactly what it was supposed to do. No hiccups no surprises, plain and simple it kept the ice cream and Popsicles frozen for two days in the hot sun. Just for giggles we left the fridge inside of a black truck with no shade. Have a look at this picture.

    It is 118į inside the truck and the fridge is maintaining a -19 temperature to keep the ice cream nice and frosty.

    There are three different fridges available.

    30L size $695 Sale Price $608
    40L size $750 Sale Price $658
    50L size $825 Sale Price $718

    All Fridges come with
    A 5 year compressor warranty
    Digital control panel
    AC and DC power connections
    Danfross Compressor
    Internal LED light
    Battery Protection
    And one of the nicest things you would not think about until you need them.
    Handles that double as tie down points.

    If you can't stay cool at least keep your food and and more importantly your beverages cold with one of these new Ironman fridges.

    Please feel free to email me with any questions.
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    1. can i get the outer dimensions of the frig?

    2. are the handles removable?

    3. does it have two compartments? cooling and frozen?
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