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Thread: Fuel gauge / sending unit bad?

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    Fuel gauge / sending unit bad?

    2003 Discovery , 50000 miles. My gauge began indicating improperly a few days ago? What gives? When full the needle indicates only 2/3 tank.

    Can the sending unit be removed up thru the floor of the cargo compartment?

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    Sounds like a bad connection to the sending unit. I assume this has a float (others can chime in now), and if it gets a hole in it....thats the other option. But based on a little knowledge of wiring, I would guess the connector needs a clean somewhere near the sending unit...or gas tank.
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    It could be several things.

    Bad Sender.
    Bad Wiring to the sender.
    Bad Fuel gauge.

    Unfortunately I don't know how you would check the sender and gauge separately.

    Check the wiring first and maybe you will get lucky.

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    For what is worth,
    This is what I would do:
    in older rovers the fuel sender is fed with 10V from a Voltage stabilizer, which seems to be pretty standard for this kind of gauges/sensors.
    If you get 10V from the sensor when full it would indicate good sender.
    if you get the 10V in the instrument cluster would mean bad gauge.
    But if sender is at 10V and at the instrument cluster is much lower wiring would be the issue.
    I hope it makes sense and again I am not sure about 2003, I know my RRC and early discos would be something like that, please correct me if somebody thinks otherwise.
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