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Thread: Coil Helper Air Bags with a 3" lift

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    Or just wait until Tyler can drive his own Disco and offload half the cargo to his truck. You still get to pull the trailer though
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    Yea, this is getting tough. My RTE springs are 3" -- and I've got a nice set of Bilstein Oil reservoir shocks that I love the articulation I get when offloading. What I need is a good solution to "stiffen the ride" when I am heavily loaded with gear. It works great when I'm lightly loaded. Sort of a airbag solution that I could remove when I go off road, which probably doesn't exist.

    I may have to throw up my hands in despair, and live with the saggy rear end when I load it. As I see it, my options are:

    1)Get a whole new lift setup. Not good, cause I like the 3" I get from Rovertym, and how everything handles off road. Doesn't look like OME offers 3" lift for me.

    2)Put in some of those airbags inside the coils -- but risk ripping em up when I'm off road. I do some serious wheeling like the Rubicon -- and doubt they'd hld up from what I've heard.

    3)Find some sort of drop in replacement spring that's more heavy duty than the RTE's. Don't know if that even exists.

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